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We enthusiastically support hunters and their hunting activities.  Our accommodations for hunters include a pet friendly room for both you and your dog. 



McCook Area Hunting    
Known by hunting enthusiasts across the country, Southwest Nebraska flourishes with wildlife and serves as an excellent hunting area. Four different Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) exist within the McCook area and are maintained throughout the year by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.    
    pheasant season  


  Collectively, over 11,000 acres of public hunting ground is    available  at these State Wildlife Management Areas with both pasture land and timber-covered areas. You'll find plenty of game on land covered with pheasant, quail, duck, Canada geese, turkey, rabbit, deer and more.
  male and female pheasants in flight

  Enders Reservoir WMA & SRA: You'll find 2,892 well-scheduled acres of pasture land southeast of Imperial and west of Wauneta on Hwy 6 & 61 near a 1,707 acre lake. The area serves as an excellent location for various waterfowl, pheasant and deer. Over another 1,000 acres of pasture land is available for hunting within the State Recreation Area.


Medicine Creek WMA: Located 7 miles north of Cambridge, Medicine Creek Wildlife Management Area features almost 6,000 acres of pasture land near a 2,000 acre lake. Hunters thrill over wild scenery that produces abundant amounts of turkey, pheasant, quail and both whitetail and mule deer that are common within the Medicine Creek area.

Red Willow WMA & SRA: You'll find quite the adventure hunting for pheasant, quail, both whitetail and mule deer, rabbit and various waterfowl on over 2,900 acres of pasture land available at the Red Willow WMA. Another 1,350 acres of pasture land is available for public hunting in the SRA. Both areas rest near a beautiful 1,600 acre lake, just 11 miles north of McCook.    
Swanson Reservoir WMA: Over 2,800 acres of pasture land is available just west of Trenton and just east of Stratton near a huge, crystal-clear lake. Swanson Reservoir generates excellent hunting for pheasant, quail, various waterfowl, small animals and both whitetail and mule deer.    
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission - Hunting Section    

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